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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m building a new house can you supply/install new stairs and railings?
Yes, the majority of our business is “new” construction.  Please visit our showroom with your plans and we can design your stairs and railings.

Do you deliver and install?
Yes, please let us know and we can quote.  We can just deliver or install as well.

Can I pick up my stairs?

Can I pick up railings/parts to install myself?
Yes.  Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through how to install according to the Building Code.

Do you custom turn spindles to match a sample?
Yes, please send us your sample and we can match it exactly.

What kind of wood is available?
We stock White Pine, Red Oak, Maple and American Yellow Poplar, but can make you stairs and railings from any wood you would like.

Will my hardwood stairs be made of solid wood?
We use solid wood treads, stringers and mouldings.

Will my new stairs be protected?
We cover all hardwood stairs with corrugated cardboard, 6mm plastic and tread covers, so that construction can continue without a risk of damage to your stairs.

Can you make custom stairs?
We can make any stairs that your plans call for, as well as, customize any aspect that is important.

Do you “Re-surface” existing carpet stairs?
Yes.  If it is not feasible to remove your existing stairs we can “Cap” them with solid hardwood.

Do you stain/finish you stairs or railings?
No, we currently do not provide that option.

I like my existing stairs and railings but not the stain colour.  Can you scape and sand the finish off?
No, we do not do this type of work.

Do you include moulding with your railing installations?
Yes, we and trim and moulding to complete your railings.  This is not an extra.

I would like to remove a wall to add railings or reconfigure my stairs.  Can you do this for me?
We do not do demolition work but will install any new stairs or railings needed into a prepared opening.

Can you make basic basement stairs?
Yes, we make various stairs in a number of different woods.

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