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Elegant Customized Railings in Hamilton

A staircase’s railing is the part that adds beauty, distinction, and elegance. An elegant set of railings can be one of the most attractive elements of not just the staircase but of the entire room. At Glanbrook Stairs & Woodworking Ltd we make customized railings for Hamilton area customers, and the possibilities are endless. We can use a wide variety of woods, metals, and other materials to create striking, beautiful railings. You are invited to become an integral part of the planning process, from the choice of materials to the design.

Every Detail Matters to Us

We sweat the small stuff. Notice our detailed trim work – it is every bit as important to us as the stairs themselves. Our craftsmen use only the finest wood available and each newel post is fashioned on a wood-turning lathe. Every detail is crucial to us, from alignment and consistency of texture to the spacing of the spindles and the smoothness of the wood. This attention to detail is what separates Glanbrook staircases from the rest.



Give us a call to get an estimate on your stair project.

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